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Fall Classes for Adults

Saturday Workshop with Guest Artist Harry Prichett 

Saturday, Oct 21, 2:00-5:00pm

Fee: $60

One of NYC’s most experienced improv performers, HARRY PRICHETT, leads this "on your feet" improv workshop for Adults. Harry's vast experience as an improvisor, teacher, and author will create a fun and inspiring experience for all. This workshop will focus on discovering where genuine, truthful, characters come from. Honest characters are much more than a funny voice, or silly walk. How do they move, talk, and respond to their environment? What are their stories and how do you find them within yourself? Once you develop your character, we'll incorporate them into scene work. Let the fun begin! 


Advanced Improv for Adults 
Fall session: Thursdays, Sept 28-Nov 16 (eight classes)
Fee: $160
Advanced Improv is designed for adults who have completed at least one session of Improv Fundamentals or similar program. Advanced Improv is a faster paced environment with a focus on advanced games & scene work. This class provides students with a strong basis for performing short form improvisation culminating in a showcase for family and friends. Led by Mary Ward. 


Improv Fundamentals for Adults 

Winter Session: TBA
This class introduces adult students to the fundamentals of im
provisation. Through exercises and games, students will learn the basic skills of improv and have fun developing their spontaneity, imagination, and confidence! No experience necessary. 

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