COVID Safety Protocol


All instructors and class assistants at Mary Ward Acting/Improv including myself are FULLY VACCINATED.

All classes, programs and workshops follow the current CDC and NY STATE DEPT OF HEALTH guidelines for safety indoors and outdoors during COVID. 

All adult participants in the adult programs must be FULLY VACCINATED.

When the weather is nice, all classes, camps, programs and workshops will be held outdoors.

View of outdoors

  • Large, grassy lawns with plenty of room for Acting/Improv activities

  • Shaded areas for sunny, hot days

  • Use of two restrooms indoors


When the weather is not nice, all classes, camps, programs and workshops will be held indoors.

View of indoors (UPDATED MARCH 3, 2022)

  • Large, open floor plan for Acting/Improv activities

  • Large bare stage 

  • Masks are optional as per current CDC and NY State guidelines

  • All windows on both sides of the building to remain open for FRESH AIRFLOW

  • Box Fans placed in windows facing out on one side of the building to maintain OPTIMUM VENTILATION

  • Use of two restrooms


Questions? Please feel free to give me a call 845-389-8890.

Thank you for your support!